about us

CalliopeArte is an Italian art company founded in the 2013. It works with all types of Art: painting, sculpture, photography, music literature, multimedia art and architecture. In these artistic spheres our company represents the artists, organizes art exhibitions and photo exhibitions, cultural events, Art Understanding courses, publishes books, CD and DVD. Our main goal is to create an added value, which may be economic or not, disseminating art and making it available for as many people as possible.

SHARART – sharing art: This is our exclusive service that makes it possible to live among artworks without actually owning it. Apartments, offices, shops, hotels and other places visited by clients every day can be decorated by the artworks that our company sells and offers for a long-term rent. We offer original artworks that will ennoble living and public spaces. The price includes the services of consulting, personalized selection of the artworks and the final installation.

Art Understanding: Thanks to the collaboration with Anna Orlando, an art expert and the author of the Art understanding methodology and the like-named book, our company organizes educational courses for those who wish to widen their knowledge about art and art history. These innovative and entertaining courses let our clients visit museum and art exhibitions with a much better scope of competence than before.

Consulting and art appraisal: our company offers appraisal and expertise services for private and public collections. We are also able to take care of selling your artworks under your precise procuratory. This service can be extended to cataloguing, document collection and, when needed, to conservation of the goods.

Club Deal: Our constant collaboration with collectors, art gallery owners and commercial agents lets us identify buying and selling operations that may be significantly profitable. In this context CaliopeArte offers investment operations with the Club Deal formula to investors and entrepreneurs . Usually only artworks with an internationally recognized value are accepted for this kind of operation.