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In this page we collect all the news related to the art and cultural events we organize. Here you can find pictures from the latest photography exhibitions, photos of the installations in apartments or public places in Italy and abroad, of the fairs and events in which we take part with the details about our activities. Enzo Pellegrini: La luce che astrae

March 15th – April 3rd – Bar of Mudec – The Museum of Culture in Milan

A photography exhibition in a bar. Among all our art events the photography exhibition, hosted by the bar of Mudec and dedicated to the opening of the art exhibition of Kandinsky, has opened the new opportunities to admire art in everyday life. For more than two weeks the visitors of the restaurant have had a chance to try the delicious food by the chef Enrico Bartolini surrounded by the lights and colours that characterized the photography exhibition of Enzo Pelegrini’s works.

In the images of the exhibition the light reveals the soul of things, it goes beyond a simple representation. The art of photography makes it possible to capture the moment and make its beauty available for the others. In the abstraction that defines the reality in the lines and chromatic tonalities, the glance of Enzo Pellegrini gains the visual clarity ad stays in silence of mystery and magic.

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