About Us

Disseminating culture since 2013

CalliopeArte was founded in Milan in 2013. It deals with Art in all the disciplines in which it expresses itself: painting, sculpture, photography, music, literature, multimedia art, and architecture.

Our mission is to create value

Our goal is to create value, also economic, by sharing Art and making it available to as many people as possible.

What we offer

CalliopeArte offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Art and Culture by taking advantage of our products and services: from the purchase or rental of works of art to Art courses. From the publication of books and catalogs to investments in Art.

Our headquarters

Since 2023, we have opened a new office within the Beato Angelico Foundation where it is possible to enjoy the works we exhibit and visit several workshops for different activities: restoration, chiseling, fire enamels, weaving and goldsmithing. Art forges where art is created and celebrated every day.

We work with