Art Understanig Courses


Anna Orlando, art historian, art advisor, journalist, and with whom we collaborate, has designed and developed a method for teaching art dedicated to those who feel they have gaps and “holes” in their understanding of the history of the visual arts, from ancient art to the present day.

This method uses the volume entitled Art Understanding as a textbook, and we organize courses in which individuals or groups participate, including through agreements we make with companies, Schools, or Institutes.

In addition to the basic course, we organize in-depth courses on specific art topics.


ARTunderstanding provides tools for reading the work of art, for “the grown-ups” for the little ones; for the educated, and for those who call themselves “ignorant.”

ARTunderstanding helps to decode the language of art.

ARTunderstanding serves to frame the work in its cultural-historical coordinates.


ARTunderstanding means seeing, looking, reading the work of art.

ARTunderstanding is a special method of approaching the work of art.

ARTunderstanding guides to the progressive appropriation of quality, of beauty.


ARTunderstanding in order not to miss the endless opportunities of every day and all of us for a relationship with the work of art and beauty.

ARTunderstanding to never again say, “I premise that I am ignorant…”

ARTunderstanding to never again say, “But I could have done that too!”